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Me and Angelina in the playhouse


trust nobody? ...


It's been awhile my friends. I've escaped the zoo with a whole new view. In the zoo, people could be the animals they wanted to be. Floating high up in the sky. Monkeys, pigs, snakes, oh my. Going back down to earth didn't matter any more. The food chain of who can entertain. Lion in a cage. Let's switch masks. Who are you? Who am I? You're on your own, the zoo keeper has been shot with a tranquilizer gun. It's a circus now. Can you juggle?  Whose done what? Nobody knows, we're all in disguise. 

I took this headpiece as a trophy! 



On August 17th many years ago, The Harmonic Convergence, the worlds first globally synchronized meditation, took place. The convergence is purported to have "corresponded with a great shift in the earth’s energy from warlike to peaceful."

< o > < o >

This birthday in 2013 was different than past birthdays.
A feeling of being born again.
Naked but not.
Seeing clearly.

I come in peace.


/// CAUTION \\\

I have no idea why I went missing for awhile. Something related to the sun, ghosts, other dimensions and Mr. Big.
I've got my hard hat on and a thick leather skin. Celebration!


"This is The Curse. It's for our love for the beautiful and sometimes all too tangible. I know we've been trying to let go of the idea of 'stuff' I know I have for a long time but sometimes it's just so fucking pretty that it's hard to do so! It's always very sharp and if you get stuck to this idea it will cut you, no matter how lovely. it hides a true core inside. i think that's what most people are looking to get to, to do away with all the hard crystal on the outside and to get to the real loving core on the inside. I believe this also helps represent us, and how we're really growing with each other... looking for something 'more'"

"This guy is Bloom. It's representative of our friendship which is very volataile and confusing at times, but cohesive and has a very solid and lovely core that shines bright. It's like a very lovely flower that keeps getting bigger and brighter. The Penrose triangle is for a unity that can not be broken nor comprehended normally; this is love."

"a series of blooms will become a garden where all the magic in life is stored and is waiting to be found"


Awhile ago my friend Nate Kogan was interviewed by VICE. This is a VICE x Kingdom exclusive video, featuring my bum.

Here's the interview:


The intellectual crack head knows that you must live a balanced lifestyle.
If one of your favourite past times is to spend a day in a chemical induced daze, it's good to do the math and nurture your poor tortured body.

A favourite healthy snack of ours is raw broccoli. Broccoli is high in vitamin C and has potent anti-cancer properties. It doesn't have the best mouth lubrication but eventually you chew through it. The tree-like appearance will also remind you that nature still exists and maybe it's time to leave the dark den and go outside.


BITS AND BITES OF *PRODUCTIVITY*. Clearly a lot was achieved in the last few weeks.
Hoes made their money. Monkeys got their sleep. Outfits galore. Falling on the floor. Holes poked. I still ain't a whore.

American Apparel can make any twosome a threesome. Thank you Anna McQueen.


My pal Nate Kogan is a weird artist and he just finished this custom print for me yesterday. I own his soul and he is clearly kissing ass to try to get it back.

 "You've been there for all the bad times and the good so far, and it won't stop waffle. You've helped me understand myself more than I could possibly have imagined, with you I have come into a place where i've felt and seen god, and you shared that with me. Our bond is not something for words so this is pretty hard to do, but I know you understand. I POURED MYSELF into this. The only thing I can offer you is my soul. You've made me into a better person, a more wholesome and fulfilled creative, and someone who can look forward to tomorrow. You never let me go when I was falling so hard, and I am forever thankful. You taught me that love resonates beyond a normal scope and can permeate the essence of what it means to make, and live. I can't think of a person who is more deserving of my soul than you are. I love you. You make me whole. My soul is yours."

 It's too late motherfucker I sold your soul to the devil

Sessions 04 - Technozord

It is a pleasure to present to you fine folks *Sessions 04 - TECHNOZORD*, R+D's 4th monthly sessions mix! I am R+D's #1 fan, I don't care how many chicks flail their shirtless young bodies in front of them while doing the robot. I am watching you fellas with a stern judgemental face and a loving heart. The boys of Deadly Vanity take over the in second half with a darker... deadlier techno. The whole thing is some bad ass evil boogie woogie shiet. It put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Enjoy!


I want to say hello the nasty human or bot that left me a message stating I have a sad, empty, and pathetic life. You got to know me so well! Unfortunately you're wrong. I'm a shape shifter, and there's so many fulfilling activities happening constantly! There's some gruesome stuff but the mood will be set. I invite you to spend an evening with me.


Chill out and keep on keepin' on folks. And remember to do it your way.